15 May 2001

PSC 89-91 any takers?

Hi there!
Found this site via the yahoo club.
I was a symonds from 89-91 dont seem to see many people from my day on the board but i shall write a little about me!
Used to drive Gordon a red 2CV , play in the Netball 1st team etc etc studied Business Studies, Communications and Social Biology, and as I did with GCSE's tried to use the minimal work idea! God knows how i passed but i did and after a year out went on to Surrey Uni to study Bsc in Nursing Studies. Unfortunatly it was a course that required work! so it came to an end in year two! I was told i did have a good bedside manner though!
Got on the radio while at university something I am doing now, trials for a new FM radio station are happening as we speak so I am involved!
I am in Sales now much better suited to my personality and sarcastic streak! Account Manager for Telecommunications compnay.
Had Andy Roles as form tutor for short while then Chris Cooper who had to cope with me! Many an exhausted look i seem to remember, perhaps I am am less infuriating now (still cant spell though!) and i certainly have more direction now! Is that you on the board?
I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my first child due at the beginning of October. After getting married in 1995 and separating in 2000 , i hope perhaps the route i am now taking is the right one!!
Anyway enough rambling thats me, anyone want to email please do or i look forward to reading any messages!

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  1. Sorry, Fran - I'm a different Chris Cooper - an old lag from 55 to 63, rather than one of the warders.


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