17 September 2001

Memories of 1974

It is all a blurr now, but I remember the whole of Wyke Lodge getting suspended, after spending the night out in town. We came back only to be discovered by the house mistress, as we all tried to dart in any open window.
I seem to remember a chap by the name of Townsend getting blamed for almost anything.
I remember fagging, then moving up hoping that someone was going to do my shoes, but they banned it that year. I remeber when the Housemistress was moving out, and an art collector was upset at the fact that we were storing our dirty soccor boots in a very rare victorian albert closet... ah but it all a wonderful blurr


  1. Was that Mrs Renton you are referring to? I was there in '74, but in the lowest year i.e. 2nd/3rd. It was about that time that Mrs Renton's two sons, Tim and Andy, gained some notoriety by being two of the Wombles on TOTP I seem to recall. Not that we ever saw them at the house, and anyway, we wouldn't have recognised them without those hairy costumes

  2. Yes, it was Mrs Renton. Her sons were hairy without the costumes. They showd up when her husband passed away, I think in 1973.
    Who else was in your year?

  3. Wait a minute.... Quentin.......... it was MY shoes you were cleaning, if I recall..........   ??Need some spare cash ??   Andy Renton was in lower 6th when I started at Wyke Lodge ('67) - he got away with murder, hair, uniform, eating in places noone else was allowed to.  Tim was a few years older (at Art College at the time) - but was around from time to time.  They hooked up with the Wombles thing through Mike Batt, I believe - who was son of Mrs Batt the Art teacher for a time.        

  4. Yes, those were your shoes.

    I'm not sure if the extra money got me out of trouble, or into more trouble.


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