24 November 2001

Prefects Photo : 1951/52

Hi Jim,
John Forder and I when we met recently thought we recognized the following in this photo (from left):
Back row: John Sullivan, D? Gilson, Peter Bray, ? Pontin (possibly, Michael Whatmore, Peter Allcock, B? Hilton,(don' t know), Percy Candy, John Forder, Richard Wheatley, Peter Smith.
Front row: ? Hewlett, Alan Sanders, 'Barrel' May, Fred Johnson (Head Prefect), [Doc], Don Peckham, Ian Howarth, B? Henley?, Calvin Gaiger.
Does anybody know the others; indeed, have John and I correctly identified others than ourselves?   Or is all blurred by the mists of 50 years of time?
Peter Smith 

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