05 November 2001

School Photo 1962

I have managed to scan in and split the 62 school photo into 3 parts (I actually had to colour copy it in three parts and then scan them in and reduce the file size to post them - hence the less than wonderful quality!!). If you want a copy of any part, email me and I can send a better quality image that you can enlarge and study!! In the mean time .....
a) were you there and if so where?
b) name the masters L-R
c) name any friends (or enemies!) and their positions
Happy hunting, Mike Minty


  1. great stuff Mike, That may get the old grey matter going, and could be a very good way to enrol new members. I too had difficulty in posting large photos and your method of splitting the photo is a good idea. If I remember rightly I made two copies, one scanned at a high number of dots per inch which I hold in reserve in my PC and another which is of only 75dpi which I post on the site. Then if anyone wants more detail of part of the photo I can trim a small piece out of the 'lots of dots per inch' and post that. I shall now have a look at your pictures in more detail. Guess I will only know the masters. I did notice the inimitable Harry Hawkins though. I will move them up in the album. regards, jim wishart,     list manager

  2. Hi Mike: great photo.  What fun it used to be when the whole school would assemble and wait for the camera to pan slowly around.  Every year one or two characters would stand on the left, wait for the camera to go by them, then jump down and run behind to stand again on the right, thereby showing up in the same picture twice.  The punishment was usually a caning from the head, but they seemed to think it was worth it.  In 1962 I was in the Mid Vth so did not appear in the senior picture.  As I remember, the masters L to R are:  Adams: Tavener: Wodehouse: Simpson (deputy head): Shields: Priestley: Griffiths(?): Smith: White: ?????: and Watts.   Ron Martin '58-'65   P.S. Dave Bramley is organizing a reunion for those of us from PSS who sat O levels in 1963.  Please contact Dave, his e-mail address is on the old boys site.    

  3. The school photo brought back some memories also. I can remember some of those as follows (*denotes unknown):
    Right hand section front row left to right:
    ****Tony Grove*me, Geoff Sparkes, Elliott,******

    Right hand section second row left to right
    ********Mike Minty**King********

    Centre section front row left to right
    ****Patterson*Taverner, Woodhouse, Hawkins, Simpson, Shields, Priestland, Smith (iffy), Gladwell?, White, StJohn (chemistry)

    centre section second row left to right
    *Frank Stilwell*******(Robert?)Marsh, Holland, **Challis?*Salmon*Dawson,Tony Davies

    left section front row left to right
    *****John Merriman, Walton-Masters(1),*Michael Turner, John Sanders, Walton-Masters(2), Irwin?

    left section second row left to right
    *****Frank Kent*Stuart Grainger******

    Very interesting

    Chris Haine

  4. OK Mike, here goes with the masters, left to right:-   Adams (Pog - don't know origin of nickname), Taverner, unknown, Hawkins (Harry), unknown, Shields, Priestland (Oofy), Griffin (Oink), Smith (Biffer), White (Chalky), Pa Watts.   How did I do? (Where were the rest of the teaching staff?)   Mike Hedges 

  5. Both Mike's got some of these masters correct, I got Griffin wrong and also Biffer Smith!...you both missed out StJohn I think..putting the responses together is the definitive list, left to right ?   Adams, Taverner, Woodhouse, Hawkins, Simpson, Shields, Priestland, Griffin, Smith (Biffer), White, St John, Watts.....12 in all   At that time the photos only included the upper school, I seem to remember, and so many of the staff did not appear...they might have been teaching or running detention or the like...   Chris Haines

  6. My name is Robert Marsh. I am on the right hand side of the photo. 4 rows back, 11 from the right - between Rod Digweed and Keith Thompson.   Teachers: ?, Taverner, Woodhouse, Hawkins, Simpson, Shields, Priestley, French Teacher used to live in Easton, Smith, White, St John, Watts.   I have the photo at home, in the UK and remember many of the names. When I have more time I will see how many I can actually remember.   Good site.   Regards   Robert Marsh (1957 - 1962 - couldn't be bothered with A levels!!!)  


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