05 December 2001

IRA Bomb hoax in 70s

Remember how we were all 600 of us were lined up by the police to identify the culprits. They were caught and expelled. 


  1. Yes, I remember it fairly well. I think it was at the time of IRA atrocities probably 74-75 and a couple of people thought it would be a good wheeze to have a few minutes off school. One or two hoax calls were made, the final one was made from the phone box by the School House gate and the perpetrators seen. We were all lined up on the field and a mass identification parade held. One of those responsible was one of the Sudden brothers (I can't remember whether it was Graham and Soapy or whether Graham was 'Soapy'). What started as a bit of a laugh ended up as a very sad event - a very large dose of youthful indiscretion & a very high price to pay.   Martin Mitchell

  2. There was only one Graham Suddons if I remember rightly. I don't remember the nickname though. I think he was in my year.

  3. It was 1974, It was Soapy, who was 'Graham'. He planned it around his french class test. He has a sidekick who was in on it. The main idea was so that members of his class could check their crib notes hidden outside.
    what a character.

  4. Soapie. I boarded at PS as my father was in NATO in Belgium. I used to travel on BEA plane twice a year and travelled with Soapy and his brother. I admit two things...   It was because of his father was a Lieutenant-Colonel that I escaped an interview for entry into PS.   He asked me if I wished to join him in the hoax prior to the event. I was attracted to the idea but thankfully was obedient to my instincts.   So there. Now you know.


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