04 December 2001

Mr. Priestland

I was new to Mr. Priestland's 'O' level lit. class (Pride and prejudice and Pardoners Tale) when I spent Christmas with an uncle, who gave me a signet ring he had fashioned from a half crown - pretty neat. The first time I wore it to school, it caught Mr. Priestlands eye and he looked at it and then at the class with horror and, (with that unusual intonation of his) said "What's this, a form of thugs?". Thenceforth he greeted me with "Hello Knuckleduster Dick", that is is until I yielded and stopped wearing the ring.
Peter Churchill


  1. We did the Canterbury Tales with Mr Priestland. How is it that I remember much more about that than the Shakespeare. Three scenes particularly:- The Miller and a thunderclap, The Cook and his way with custard and The Wife of Bath and her gap teeth. Do they ring any bells? jim wishart,   

  2. Actually Chris I think there was a lot of 'dirty' stuff going on in the Shakespeare as well but it was all above my head, jim wishart, 

  3. I remember Oofy fondly. There was a lot of understated humour going on most of the time. There was a boy 'Parker' in my form. He was intelligent and often made useful contributions. Oofy labelled him a 'limelight case'. Are you there Parker?   regards,   jim


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