28 January 2002


Does anyone remember Penguin, or Mr Hair?


  1. Yes, Penguin was Mr Fletcher, who must have come to PS in about 1969. I think he taught physics. He was the most ineffective PS teacher at controlling a class that I can remember - PS might have been his first appointment and perhaps he improved later with practice. He was ribbed mercilessly, or at least it seemed like it, especially as some of the things that were said to him would never have been said to any other teacher in the school. By the standards of near-anarchy that apparently exist in some schools today, it was probably all very mild stuff. When did he leave - or perhaps he's still at PS?   I don't recall Mr Hair, but perhaps he was there after 1971 when I left.   Mike

  2. Mr Fletcher retired recently. My parents sent me a news cutting of the announcement. It turns out that he was an expert in ornithology -  something we would never have known at the time. I'll dig through my papers and see if I can find the cutting to share with you all!

  3. I visited PSC on business some six months ago and was suprised to see both Mr Hare & Dr Salter still there! Mr Hare used to have neck lenght red hair - it is now grey (what did he do to deserve that?) Rgds Bruce Brassington


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