Monday, 22 April 2002

Try these websites!

I have found dozens of old schoolmates, not only from Peter Symonds, but other schools I have attended, at these two websites: and The first of these is free to register and to read everyone's names and life stories, but they ask for a subscription if you want to read everyone else's email addresses. The "schoolfriends" site is completely free.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Bernie!  I've signed up with both, and contacted several people.  My wife, who's also hunting down schoolfriends, finds friendsreunited v.good because it includes several schools for children of British forces abroad (Germany in Vivien's case).  Recommend a visit!

  2. Is that the Bernie Webber proud owner of the 175cc Honda - my first but not last ride (by many thousands of miles) on a motorbike. Good to hear from you and thanks for the start of my 32 years of happy motorcycling.

    Mark Stupart

  3. Hello again Mark, but you must have me confused with someone else - I've never owned a motorbike in my life! My brother Paul had one but I'm not sure if you ever met him. However, I'm glad you've had 32 happy years of motorcycling, even though I never had anything to do with getting you started!

  4. Bernie
    Yup I think you're right - (senility setting in at an early age) - i now remember that it was a chap called Abblett.

    I have since been in contact with Steve Atkinson - he & I went to Cardiff Uni together to study Architecture - Bob Lane came for the first term too but packed it in after a term.
    Steve's now working in Bristol as a director of a large Architectural co.

  5. If there are any names that the OSS( ) could help you look up, from our 400 members register, then please let me know.   Mike Conlan Honorary Secretary

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