22 April 2002

welcome to nigel palmer

I welcomed nigel as a new member and he replied as follows:-

Dear Jim,

Thank you for your welcome .I'm sorry I don't remember you either. I only remember a few people- Reynolds and Rickman who were classics .They were smart -went to Oxford  and I expect did well. Also BRD Stone-chemistry and of course-Paddy Hine. He beat me in the tennis singles finals in 1951.I met him a few years later at an RAF base.He was a flight instructer and I was in the RAFVR. The next time Isaw him was on TV during the Gulf war-head of the RAF! Of course we're all retired now!    Nigel Palmer

[I remember a Harry Rickman who was with me at Western School primary and figures in the London outing photograph on that site, click here Jim Wishart]


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