10 June 2002

Helping with managing (was: Any volunteers?)

Hi, Jim
Sorry to take so long replying. I've started a new thread so that this topic shows up on the most recent page of the messageboard.
Yes, I'd love to help out ... given your firm promise that no work's involved ... ! You certainly shouldn't have to keep pushing the thing along by yourself.
So what does it involve?
Hello all,
I have been thinking. I think it might be a good idea to get others involved in the management of the list.  It would bring in new ideas, and maybe nettie expertise and also would be a good insurance policy.
Chris Cooper kindly put his name forward a year or so ago when there seemed to be a possible emergency health situation developing [since receded], and I would certainly be pleased if he volunteer again, but I throw it open,
There are no duties really, everyone is very well behaved but there is no pay,
[which reminds me of one of Doc's favourite Collects- "to labour and not to ask for any reward"]
best regards,
jim wishart       

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  1. hi Chris,
    thanks very much for that, I'll contact you by
    email off-list,


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