11 August 2002

La vacance

Hello, everyone
It's a bit quiet on the message board lately.  I dare say everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  It makes it very easy for a so-called manager like me! Feels almost like an honorary position.
I took a look at the PSC Website at http://www.psc.ac.uk just now. It's quite active and gives a good impression of activity at Owen's Road. There's a nice little potted history of Peter Symonds, too.
I see that the College is an 'Investor in People'. What does it mean?
And don't forget Chris Boulter's PSC email directory at http://list.psc.ac.uk/ - which lists people from both School and College eras.
I used to be able to get automatic notifications of additions to the directory, but I can't see any facility for setting that up now - am I missing something? Anyway,  I've set WatchThatPage to keep track of it.
So long for now,

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