24 August 2002

Old symondian's october dinner

hello all,
Does anyone know the date of the dinner? I see the OSA website is down at the moment,
best regards,

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  1. Sorry everybody, I should have looked in my in-tray.   Here is an extract from the Summer 2002 edition of the Old Symondian Association Newsletter:-
    5th October 2002,
    College tour and presentation: Peter Symonds
    Anyone who is interesting in a visit to the colleege then please let me know when you return your dinner menu.
    Timing, between 2 and 4pm
    AGM: 5.15 to 6.00pm, Peter Symonds Room N201
    Winchester Dinner: Moat House: 6.45 for 7.30pm
    Winchester Moat House, Worthy Lane, Winchester, [telephone 01962 709988], dress, lounge suit.
    I have attached the invite including the menu for the night and I would be grateful if you could return the menu to me, ideally by the end of August but the 13th of September at the very latest.
    Mike Vokes [mike.vokes@zoom.co.uk] is attempting to drum up support for the dinner.   Secretary Mike Conlan, casamelara@aol.com away until September 4th, and www.oldsymondianssociety.co.uk best regards, jim wishart    


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