12 August 2003

Peter Symonds 1962-69 @ Kelso House

There seems to be a 'black hole' in the nostalgia during the time that we "baby boomers" were at Peter Symonds, except in the Obituary Column, where we can read that those Masters we used to look up to (and despise whilst we were doing their Detentions!) are no longer around.  Does anyone else remember the day the plugs were stolen from the basins in the downstairs toilets at Varley Hall, and Headmaster John Ashurst collected a penny (1d) from every boy in the school to pay for their replacement?  Or when one boy, as a punishment for misbehaving in the Gym, was made (by 'Neddy' Bray) to run naked around the quad in the snow for 30 minutes whilst the rest of Class lower 5P finished their lesson?!  I did  not knick the plugs, but it was me streaking in the snow!  Was anyone else there? (No photographs exist of this event - I hope!)
Joe Brown (now a mostly reformed character, known as Andy Brown)


  1. Tim Cheevers K20 Kelso House 1965-
    I remember JA standing up in assembly in
    Varley  Hall, and announcing that "Someone has written the word 'Fuck" on a
    lavatory door", and asking for that boy to come forward.
    He did I believe, and was made to paint over it,
    but the biggest shock was hearing the F word from the

  2. Yes, I remember this announcement.  I also remember, having recovered from the shock, the effort it took not to laugh.  I remember the name Tim Chilvers, but I am struggling to remember which year you were in relative to mine.  When dod you arrive at PS's?


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