02 August 2003

trouble accessing the site

I am having trouble accessing the site. I am not recognised by MSN on my own computer and I don't seem to be able to join any site with a new name. I have switched off my firewall program and done a virus check without any improvement. I am using my son's computer at his home which seems to overcome the problem but that is not a permanent solution. If anyone has any ideas I'd be pleased,


  1. Sounds as if you have done some housekeeping on your machine and cleaned off some cookies. You may have to apply to join the group again and get the administrator's consent. But if you are the sole administrator........

  2. Jim   If you are accessing the site the long way, ignore the following. If you are using an existing shortcut try the following:- Go to  http://communities.msn.com/  and select the "My Groups" button. I have discovered that MSN communities only recognises the ISP you had when you joined as the password (ie even if you've changed your provider). So, in the email address space, type the email address you had when you first joined plus the password that you also used at that time! You will then be able to access a page which shows you the groups you belong to. Select Peter Symonds Winchester Unofficial Nostalgia Corner and you're all set.   Good luck   Peter

  3. Hello again, thanks very much for the advice, it is much appreciated! I am back at my son's house and as before, I can make the connection from here. So I don't think that I need to change my sign-in method Churchie. The possibility of my screwing something up by deleting cookies sounds a  possibility. I do have a sort of housekeeping program that eliminates parasitic programs and 'unwanted' tracking cookies. So I'll see what I can do on those lines. However I would have thought that if I tried to sign on and I didn't have the cookie in place then MSN would automatically reinstate it? So at the back of my mind I wonder if I have some sort of malicious wormy program on board? regards, jim     

  4. At last, managed to crack it. Over the garden wall, my neighbour who works in computers confirmed the advice regarding cookies and I did  /windows/cookies/delete all [apart from Index]  and shazam, next time I visited the site it was AOK   regards,   jim          


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