30 December 2005

The "New Buildings" pictures in Pictures, and description of the site now :)

Here's something I can actually help you out with-names of new buildings.

The one labelled "Is this Product Design?" is actually the Paul Woodhouse Centre, where we all eat and socialise :) Downstairs is the canteen, upstairs is the student common room, faculty offices and Student Services. Out the front there is picnic benches that people generally don't eat on, but instead sit on.

The photos labelled "Varley Lodge" are actually just of the Varley building. It's really long and cross shaped, it houses foreign languages, English lit and lang, economics, business studies, maths and performing arts. There is also the Varley Theatre and the Varley cafe there too. The Varley Lodge was demolished before I joined, but i remember it being there when I went on Open Evening.

On the picture "This must be the IT centre", that is again of Varley, not IT. If you can remember the layout of the site, IT is the little brown building next to the west end of Varley, and there are also some IT rooms upstairs in John Shields. The white canopy you can see in this picture is out the front of the Varley cafe, it has more picnic tables underneath it.

John Shields is the newest building, it houses law, psychology, sociology, philosophy and IT/computing A Level.

Then we also have Freeman (small brown brick building) that houses history, geography, politics and classics, Wyke Lodge (some economics, critical thinking and a lot of staff workrooms), Northbrook (library, careers library, open IT facilities), Science Centre (physics, chemistry, biology, human biology, and the lecture theatre where we have general studies lectures) and Mercers Sports Hall (Sport and PE classrooms, a gym, and a sports hall)

There's also the art studios, product design building, and textiles building which are pretty self explanatory :). There's also a small building, with a sort of white wood terrace out the front which is the photography studios.

College Centre just houses the boring stuff like resources, exams, MIS, reception and principal's offices. I think there's also a music recital room.

The two boarding houses are Falkland Lodge (far end of the site, next to the Mercers Sports Hall) and School House (next to Northbrook and John Shields at the front of the site).


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  1. Interesting photos although I have to say that the Architectural design of some of the new buildings is somewhat disappointing - particularly the unfortunate College Centre which seems incongruous and at odds with the scale, detailing and proportions of the original main Norfolk Main School building.

    The IT building is on the site of the Music rooms in the 1960's - the home of Mr Perkins and his famous brass band.
    The Varley building seems to have grown a two storey protruberance - this used to house the Physics labs on the ground floor and Chemistry and Biology on the first floor.
    The short flight of steps in the photo titled "the new Varley Lodge" presumably lead up to Wyke Lodge - daily I trekked that path back and forth between the boarding House and School / prep rooms.

    The photo with the large white umbrella - the building immediately to the right was our 'new (at the time) gym'
    and the area of grass to the left (there used to be a few large Scotts Pine trees and a low retaining wall) is where we used to pose for school sports photos - I still have several hockey and a couple of squash team photos with 'Neddy" Bray sitting proudly in the midst of the 'team'.

    The John Shileds building is on the site of the Prefects Common Room and 'Boarders Bogs' (aka Boarders weekend smoking room).

    I have to say that its very encouraging to read enthusiastic reports from recent students confirming that its a modern and and progressive college. In the 1960's my jaded memory seems to reflect that Latin and Greek were the most important subjects of the day with sciences takng second place. A complete anathma to me at the time however it did suit me since as a result of my achieving the worst end of second year Latin exam mark ever recorded in the history of the School (Jake Ashurst as the Head Latin teacher was not impressed) - I was demoted to the thickies class - a perfect result since I could study both Biology and Art, my favorite subjects, whilst the Latin scholars had to choose between the two.

    All the best to every one out there for 2006 from Perth - West Oz
    Mark S


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