02 January 2006

welcome to new member-- Gordon Edwards

I am pleased to welcome new member Gordon Edwards. We swapped emails and here is his to me. It includes quite a few names that might jog some memories--
Hello Jim,
    Thank you for your welcoming message.
    I attended the school from September 1949 until the middle of the 1957/58 school year when I joined a company knowh as English Electric and developed a career in Nuclear Power culminating at Heysham Nuclear Power Station when I retired as the Maintenance Branch Head.
    Whilst at school I went through the Science stream and have fond memories of my Maths teacher, Mr Cousins, the Physics teacher "Biffer" Smith and the Aplied Maths teacher "Harry" Hawkins. I was very friendly with the Michael Cox the son of the Biology teacher ("Pongo" Cox). Doc Freeman was the Headmastervery nearly the whole time I was  there. I was a keen member of the CCF and was in the RAF section with CAN Yates as the officer in charge "Hetty" Hammond was the CCF Commanding Officer at that time. I think that I have still got some photographs taken whilst I was at school which I will try and find. Some of the people I knew quite well were/are Roger Coombes, Bob Hinds, Michael Cox, Ian Clinton, Roger Beetham, Geof. Butt. I did join the Old Symondians Association but unfortunately let my membership lapse and have lost touch with pretty well every one now.
    I recently made contact with Mike Conlan of the OSS and am still to follow that up.
    Best Wishes and a Happy New Year,
            Gordon Edwards.

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