19 April 2006

Request for information on Doc's family

Hello, everyone
Having been posting to the group on and off for years, I'm now surprised to be making an appeal for information that two weeks ago I had no idea I'd need.
I've just learned that Dr P T Freeman, headmaster of PSS from 1926 to 1956, had close connections with my family. I'd like to talk to his grandchildren – or indeed, if they're still alive, his children.
I learn from Neil Jenkinson's history of the school that Doc's wife was called Daisy, and when Doc became head they had two young children, Joyce and Bill. Joyce married Allon Barron-Renton, who taught art at PS. About 18 months ago their son Tim posted a brief recollection of childhood in Varley Lodge to the OS Society Website. Tim mentioned a brother, Andy.
Tim Renton left PS in 1966,  three years after me. I've just got an email address for him from the PSC directory at http://list.psc.ac.uk/, but messages to that address keep bouncing. I'll be contacting the Old Symondians' Society to see if they can help me further with that.
These are all the names in Doc's family that I know of, and I don't know who survives and who doesn't. I'd be grateful for any information about them, and especially for any contact details. Please email me off-list, unless your information is of general interest and appropriate to post publicly. (It may even be that descendants of Doc subscribe to this list behind obscure IDs.)
I'm very keen indeed to find out about a time in my family history that was influenced by that impressive man. So my deepest thanks in advance for any information you can give me.
[My email address is what's left when you remove the numerals from:  chris-cooper1@ntlworld2.com3]

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