05 September 2006

New pages on the nostalgia site

I have added a new page on the site here entitled 'a short history of the school'. This was produced by the College and is published by courtesy of the Principal Neil Hopkins.
There are other new pages as well including a group picture of the school taken in 1904 which shows the first headmaster Telford Varley,
best regards,
Jim Wishart

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  1. Hi Jim

    Thankyou for placing the 'History' of the School on our site ... as a
    student between 1944 & 1950 there is interesting information that
    either I had forgotten (the most likely) or 'Doc' didn't tell us (most
    unlikely) ...

    I am pleased to see that our 'membership' continues to grow, albeit a
    little slowly at times ... perhaps each of us who is in contact with
    other ex-students could suggest that they join the 'Group' if they have
    not already dones so (and/or indeeed any other ex-students with whom
    they may well be in contact) ... I personally have made contact and am
    now in regular contact with 3 ex-class-mates as a result of the Group

    Keep smiling all !!!

    Doug Clews
    Glen Forrest
    Western Australia

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