07 November 2007

Pictures of the school

I  found the following site which has some recent shots of the school, including the new Ashurst building.  The college web site still states that the building will open in September 2007!
It looks like the Ashurst building is where the woodwork shop used to be, also no sign of Boarder's Bogs!  The annexe classrooms that I was always told, circa 1966, were temporary are still present though!


  1. Hi there Tim   Thanks for the link to the site with the School Photos ... some great piccies there ... it has changed a bit since 1950, but the main building and the Selbourne block are still easily recognised ...   Whilst on the subject of photos, we asked, a short while back, if any of you out there who had posted photos in the past that got lost in the big CRASH, would be kind enough to re-post them ... we had some response, for which we are truly grateful, but there are still a lot missing, so we respectfully ask you all once more to dig into those shoe boxes on top of the wardrobe ... photos can be sent to any of the managers (Jim Wishart, Chris Cooper, or myself) if you do not wan't to post them to the site yourself ...   Thanks again Tim and let's hope your posting has re-kindled interest in photos   Take care all
    ...   Doug Clews Glen Forrest Western Australia

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  2. Nostalgia suddenly becomes more than a word, thanks to all for comments and pix, Once Peter Symonds and I parted company in '54 my contact with staff and students has been minimal to say the least, in fact apart from bumping into JLN exhibiting his work on the Embankment I can recall no other school contact and now at the other end of the world I can only rue my lack of foresight. I hope if any one remembers me they might care to make contact. An uneventful student from Eastleigh John Scott 1948-1954 I muddled my way through and apart from an ignominious sortie into "footy betting" with a couple of boasrders (Ruffhead and Sewter) was not a special student but the masters I recall with great regard, Doc and his modern view of Divinity, Smithy and Tom with their love of cricket, Harry Boy - superb aim with a piece of chalk, Priestland, Priestley and Watts and Bedwell with their command of language and who would have thought Europen trips to Germany & Switzerland would preced NS in Osnabruck for a year some years later.
    Enough of this before I get too boring, Thanks again for the trips down memory lane


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