13 November 2007

Publications by ex-staff

I have a copy of "Walking in Hampshire" 2nd series, from 1950's by G.G. (Tom) Pierce illustrated by Jack Northeast and also a copy of "With an Artist in Winchester" dated 1961 by Jack Northeast.
Although neither has pictures of the school, there are plenty of local views drawn by Jack, if anyone is interested I would be happy to post some of them on the site - presume no copyright problems with doing this??


  1. Hi Rog   I, personally, would be delighted to see the pics associated with the 2 publications, especially those by J.L.N. I am uncertain about the 'copyright' side of things ... Jim Wishart might be better equipped to answer that one, but as it is on a site associated with the School, I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem ... Hopefully, we can expect some pics soon ...   All the best ...   Doug Clews Western Australia

  2. Covers of the two books I posted about.

    Attachment: jlnggp.jpg

  3. Doug, hope you have been able to open the pictures I posted above....... I don't know how to put them on the photo board, but perhaps someone can transfer them!
    The 3 pictures and words came from Jack's book.
    Best regards, Rog.

  4. Hi Rog Yep ! ... got the piccies ok thanks ... GREAT stuff !!! I will load them into the Pictures section sometime tomorrow as it is 10.30pm here now in Western Australia and I am off to bed ... Take care all and, thanks again Rog Doug Clews Glen Forrest

  5. hi Rog and Doug,
    A great set of pictures. I am sure that I have seen them before 'in the flesh'. Very enjoyable,


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