12 May 2008

Eastleigh boys

After travelling from Durley to
Chamberlain Road School ( briefly ) , then to my sister's house eventually in Ruskin
Road, to travel by train to Winchester as it was "easier" that way. I was at Peter Symonds' ( I still  keep adding the apostrophe). I was there from around 1943 to about 1948. I came to Australia in November 1950, and have been here ever since. I would be pleased if anyone would remember me.  My sister now lives in Selwyn Gardens... I visited her in 1995.   Best wishes from another old boy down under.  Roy Crosswell

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  1. Hi Roy, sorry but you were in Oz before I finished at Peter Pips (1953), but I have noticed a large number of Eastleigh 'train-ers' on PSSW sites so hopefully you will find someone who has better memory than mine. I did not arrive in Melbourne till 1969 north to Mackay 1976 (harbour master was an old Chandlersfor boy) and now I am retired in Townsville since 2005, but looks like my oldest son is about to declare me too old to be on my own and might well be relocating Brisbane later this year,
    Regards John Scott 1948-1953 (waxrose@matilda.net.au)


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