21 April 2008

Mike Whatmore

G'day Doug,


I have just heard of the death of Mike


Mike and I grew up together in Stanmore,
Winchester. We went to Stanmore Junior School together and then on to PSSW in
September 1945. I left in December 1949 but Mike stayed on until about 1952.
With his wife he emigrated to Canada in the sixties.


Best wishes,


Juhn Lock

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  1. Hi John

    We are sorry to hear of the death of Michael Whatmore, but thank you for posting the information ...
    My personal memories of Michael are that he was a friendly, likeable, 'bubbly' sort of a guy and, I think, into soccer, but I could be wrong with that bit ...

    If you are in touch with the family, perhaps you would be good enough to convey my condolences and, I am sure, those of others who remember him ...


    Doug Clews

  2. I have only a vague memory of Whatmore other than he was a pleasant chap. I think he is third from the right in the back row of this picture http://tinyurl.com/3pbcol

  3. Hi Jim

    I tried pasting the link to the photo into my browser, but it says it doesn't like the address ... (there wasn't a hyper-link to it in your message)

    Doug Clews

  4. No I noticed that it didn't come up in the normal underlined way but I cut and pasted it into the address space and it worked OK. I find that when I want to write a message I don't get the full system with the toolbars that I used to get, hang on it's probably because I am trying to do it from the message as it appears in my PC rather than on the site, I'll give that a try,   That's better, try http://tinyurl.com/3pbcol     jim

  5. That worked Jim ... thanks !!!

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