11 April 2008


I noticed Prefects 1956 (Korvin & Anstis) 1955 Michael Shapland brother of costudent from Eastleigh Robin Norman George S., and that unfortunately is that, I am sure there are members out there as I refuse to believe I am even near to being the last. Lets run through a list as my memory serves me. Keith Tizzard (older bro Brian) Derek Stocker, Brian Sewter & "Jack" Ruffhead (fellow members of PS gamblers inc.) and remember seeing Coronation at Highcliffe church (Ruffhead's home base, Anthony Bayliss, Peter Barfoot, Shiel-Small, well that's a sadly short list.
1954- Civil service Met Police, 1955 NS Germany, 1956 Cyprus, 1957 back to CS, 1958-62 Theatre Manager, 1963-1969 Overseas Telegraph, 1969 - 1976 Melbourne, 1977-1984 Supermarket Owner Mackay Queensland, retired 1984 to date to devote my "talents" to administration of Junior and Senior Aussie Rules in North Queensland and still there but re retired to Townsville in 2002, now I am getting boring so I hand it over to the public domain


  1. Don't know what happened to this one ... sent it on Friday 11th originally !!! ???

    To: petersymondswinchesterunofficialnostalgiacorner@groups.msn.com

    Sorry Scotty ... the message I get is 'Read On' ...

    I see you are in FNQ in Townsville ... never been there, the nearest being Cairns !!!

    I remember the Tizzards (Brian mainly) and I think Tony Bayliss ... Peter Barfoot also rings a bell, I think with Chandler's Ford !!! (my home base) ...

    Doug from WOZ

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  2. Thanks Doug, Can fill re Tony Bayliss hie was soccer type and after my father died his and my mother were "twinned", they lived about 3 houses down from the Cemetery in Brookwood Ave and the Tizzards a little further away my paper round took in that area and the town end of C/Ford. I recall early 200 yd sprint against Peter Barfoot on some Sports Day left me and everyone else behind.

    Cairns next door neighbour (363km)

    John Scott

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  4. John, just saw your note about Tony Bayliss. I lived at 52 Brookwood Avenue overlooking the cemetery, with the Wainwrights next door and then the Bayliss family. I recollect that the name of his sister was Audrey. I believe the family owned a fish business on High Street in Eastleigh. Now you are really taking me back..............

    John Andrews, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada

  5. NOW we are testing some memories ! ...
    Bayliss (Bros. I think it was) was the only decent fish shop for miles around although we had a good one on the Parade in C/Ford (Harry Perrott) but Bayliss's was so much bigger and had a far larger selection of fish ... I remember the bus ride on the No. 46 to Eastleigh and back with my Mother when I was younger (a LOT younger) ... the fare was 2d. return for me and 3d. return for her from the top of Leigh Road (single fares then were 1d. for me and 2d. for her) ...
    Reference Wainwright ... I imagine that was the Chemist in Eastleigh and C/Ford, Frank Wainwright
    Reference Tizzard ... my memory tells me, perhaps incorrectly, that they lived in Kipling Road ... talking of Kipling Road, does Margaret Leatherdale mean anything to anyone ??? ...
    Does anyone remember the Goulds in Leigh Road, not far from Passfield Avenue, on the right heading towards Eastleigh ... there was Graham and an older brother, who's name escapes me ... the father was Squadron Leader Gould of MI6 fame ... the house had a Monkey Tree in the front garden, which always fascinated me ... I even tried to climb it once !!! ...

    Young Doug
    Western Australia


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