13 April 2008

Other Masters

The letter from Scotty1500 has awakened my thoughts.

I was also with my twin a train traveller from Eastleigh although we always caught the 8.20 and returned on the 4.25.

I have been looking in my archives and see I progressed from III A, IV A, V2 Sci, V1 Sci, VI2 Sci, VI1 Sci to VII.

During my School Cert year my masters were

English Lang and Lit - Oophy Priestland

Latin - S J Cooksey

German - Ernie Gladwell

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry - W Cozens

Art - Baron Renton

Chemistry - Sammy Simpson

Physics - Turton


For A Levels

Pure Maths - W Cozens

Applied Maths - Harry Hawkins

Chemisttry - Sammy Simpson

Physics - Turton

I also in my early years was taught by E O Jones, W Robinson, Pongo Cox


I hope this will awaken a few memories





  1. Hi Mick (who & when?)
    It must be great to have physical evidence of one's past, unfortunately events have left me barren since 1976 and I have to rely on a fast fading memory althou this site is hjust wonderful. 12000 miles disappears quickly on the net

    John Scott 1948-53

  2. I am John Davey at PSS from 1946 till 1953. If you like to look at the photos of CCF 1951-52 under Students Page3, I am far left front row and my brother is 4th from left front row.   We lived at the bottom of Cranbury Road in Eastleigh Mick

  3. Hi Mick
    Your Other Masters comments are helpful thanks, Priestland, Cooksey and Gladwell were in my area also but Art was JLNortheast re Maths did Cozens have the room next (or close) to Doc's office if so then that ties up that area although I do recall a brief moment in time with Harry Hawkins.
    As far as fellow students go Ruffhead, Sewter, Shapland, Tizzard, Shiel-Small, Anstis, Korvin, Tate, Wright, and there were two brothers from Alresford Big Alf and Little Alf (surname (?Grindley).
    Back to masters I also recall the Tate & Lyle "tin bomb" but science and I were easily parted.
    Thanks for all and any information from any source

    John Scott 1948-53 (Now in Townsville Qld OZ

  4. Hi John Scott in Townsville Queensland Australia (That's REALLY in the Antipodes) ... BIG Smiley ...

    You are right about Mr.Cozens being in a room near 'Doc's' office and opposite the door into Caretaker George Yaldren's flat ... it was called 'Baker' ...

    The rooms off the 'Hall' were:

    Left Hand side from front entrance:
    Dobson - Mr 'Oofy' Priestland
    Kirby - Mr 'Larry' Watts
    McKenzie - (Entrance outside the Hall and opposite the cloakrooms/toilets) - Mr Lowman (German) later Mr Gladwell

    Right Hand side from front entrance:
    Braithwaite - Mr (Purdie/Purdy) Cooksey
    Bigg - Mr (Harry) Hawkins
    Nicholas - Mr (Bum) Woodley

    Upstairs, over the front entrance, we had the Lecture Room - Dr 'Doc' Freeman and the Chemi-lab - Mr Simpson (Not aware of a nick-name for him)

    Hope this helps ...

    Doug Clews
    Glen Forrest
    Western Australia

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