21 April 2008

New member

A welcome to the Group to John Briggs in Hong Kong ... he and I were at PSSW together, our paths crossing in the upper 5th. ...

I hope you are able to meet up with some other pupils in your time John and, hopefully, share both memories and pictures ...

There is already a posting today by Mick Davey, whom I know you remember as one of the Davey Twins ...

Enjoy !!!

Doug Clews
Joint Manager

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a new member! My time at PSS was 1953-1958 as a day-boy, 3B, 4B and 'lit' thereafter.
    I've just scanned a 1954 school photo., one of the long Panora ones, from which I've extracted portraits of all the masters present (the quality is not good but you will appreciate that the original image size is very small!).
    The pix are on my Google Picasa page and I'm sending you an invitation to view and download them. You will note that they are not yet captioned - I think that I have correctly identified most, but not all so I thought it might be an idea to get group members to submit their suggestions first. Wouldn't want to get it wrong - to say that my memory is unreliable would be an understatement!
    All the best,'Pip'


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