08 February 2009


The members who are already on the new site, will notice I have changed the layout of the 'BLOGS' (Messages) in the belief it is more like the old site and is easier to see what people have written about ...

Please be aware that, apart from the very recent ones, virtually all of the Blogs (13 pages of them) that are currently showing are from our OLD site, so any links or instructions at the bottom of the page refer to MSN and are NO LONGER CURRENT ... Would like your feedback on the BLOG layout please ...

Thanks !!! ...

Keep smiling ...

Doug Clews (Joint Manager)


  1. Dearest Doug and fellow managers, Keep smiling my eye!, but fortunately a visit from my kids is imminent and they will put it in simple terms for me. I even tried to download a photo of me for new members list but it turned up on my "page" I will pass the new address to old classmates I have "discovered" through Friendsreunited.

  2. Congratulations Doug, James and Chris for the successful move (so far) to Multiply, despite the personal hiccup I had.

    Peter Smith *45/52)

  3. Hi Scotty ... how's the weather over your side ? ... comfortable in Perth at this stage, but due to warm up next week !!!

    Re your photo ... I have partially solved the problem by copying it and putting it in the Students Category in the Photos section ... I haven't found a way yet of putting a photo on the list of members and I suspect it is something only the individual member can do ...

    Doug Clews

  4. Thanks Peter ... still 'exploring' the site as it is quite different to the old one ... haven't found a way yet to correct the spelling of your name in the members list ... it may be of course that only you can do that, but whether it can be done without re-joining again I don't know ...
    Hope you are having fun 'snowballing' the postman !!!

    Doug Clews


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