13 April 2001

photo of Mr Hawkins

Hi jim, it's "Harry Hawkins" who as well as being a maths teacher, ran the twice weekly "Harry's Army" - the pre-CCF square bashers.   Not as brilliant as "Cozy" for maths but he got people to A-level in the end.   Aka  "Harra" because of his accent!
peter smith


  1. Damn! Peter got in before me.   'Harry' was equally well known to my generation ('55-63). The last time I saw him was many years ago - the 80s, I think - when he was queueing to go into the 'Antiques Roadshow', which was visiting Winchester. (It was at that modern hotel by the Cathedral.) I was too shy to speak to him.   I suppose the missing number on the blackboard must be 4/3, to make the LHS into the square of (x+4/3).   The picture must have been carefully posed. There isn't a trace of chalk dust on Harry's jacket. As I recall, he was famous for getting covered in the stuff in the course of a lesson.

  2. Harry had a bit of a temper on him. I remember one lesson when a pupil at the back annoyed him, he raced down the aisle to the pupil, picked him up by his lapels and bellowed at him. I don't know how the pupil felt but it frightened us to death,   jim wishart, list manager,

  3. Fine picture of Harry.   My class was actually the last one that Harry ever took - a private study class in the final lesson before the end of term service in July '67. He was a very fine Maths teacher, a massive improvement on certain PE teachers who also taught Maths as an afterthought! (or was I thicker when younger?)   Certain 'Harry' expressions remain in the memory:-   'That minus that, that plus that' - when factorising something like (x2-y2)   'Square the first, twice the product, square the last' - when calculating (a+b)2   'Tom's old aunt sat on her coat and hat' - mnemonic for tangent =opposite over adjacent (TOA) etc   Oh. yes and he once took a swipe at Colin Ivory and knocked his glasses back to row Z!    


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