28 April 2001

remembering Mr Robinson

Nobody has mentioned Robbo so far,
so here are two small anecdotes,
I don't remember anything specific that he taught me about geography but I do remember he advised us that if we wanted to invest in the stock market we should buy when the market falls and sell when it rose. It sounded silly at the time but I suppose he was right.
I remember catching him just after a class had finished and observing that I thought that it was odd that the west coast of Africa seemed to be the same shape as the east coast of South America. Was it significant? No he said, it was just a coincidence. This was admittedly in about 1950 before continental drift had achieved much credibility
jim wishart, list manager, .

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  1. Hi Jim I don't remember "Robbo" very well, and I can only recall that the took my Sixth Form year for something called "Civics", for which the main activity was the "Mock Parliament". I was the Member for Altrincham & Sale, which I discovered was in Cheshire and was a very affluent Tory constituency - quite outside of my experience at that time or since! The "Parliament" featured Question Time and Debates on what were meant to be serious issues of the day. "Robbo" was the Speaker, but his main preoccupation while the House was in session was marking a pile of lower forms' history and geography homework. Consequently the proceedings of the House degenerated into farce, with ever more riciculous and salacious questions and answers and points made in debate! Quite co-incidentally "Robbo" went to live in Chandler's Ford (my home 'town') when he retired, and he bought the family house of my best friend, OS contemporary John Forder, when his family moved away. Regards Peter Smith ps. grateful to hear from anyone who knows what happened to John Forder. He is not a member of the OSA, and I lost touch with him after we left school.


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