29 April 2001

so many clubs!

Hi listers,
I have done a survey of Peter Symonds reunion clubs and found the following. I think that what it shows is that the Search Engines of the service providers are very inefficient.

MSN clubs

"Peter Symonds former students"


an MSN community

with two members, founded 22nd february 2001

"Peter Symonds nostalgia corner" [this club]


an MSN community

with fifteen members, founded 26th november 2000

Friends Reunited clubs

It costs a subscription of 짙5 a year to use Friends Reunited

There are two clubs with exactly the same name but with different ‘key’ numbers within the Friends Reunited system:-

"Peter Symond's, Winchester"

a Friends Reunited Club with 23 members


"Peter Symond's, Winchester"

a Friends Reunited Club with 9 members


Yahoo clubs

"Peter Symonds school and college"

a Yahoo club with 123 members founded 20th April 2001


"Ex Symonds contact"

a Yahoo club with 34 members, founded June 13 1999



list compiled by jim wishart, james@wishart100.freeserve.co.uk

list manager,

29th April 2001

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