27 July 2001

Ex-PSC directory upgrade

Chris Boulter who manages the ex-PSC directory has revamped his site. Here is his message to our site. I shall contact him to see if we can get more members here :-
Hi Jim,
I've been working hard on the ex-PSC directory, and I've added some new
features - notably, hiding people's email addresses to prevent "spam", and
adding the ability to sort by name as well as by year of leaving Peter
Symonds. It now has a new home,


and I'd be very grateful if you could update the link on your "Unofficial
Nostalgia Corner".

It'd be great if you could post a message in the "corner" about the changes
too: I'm hoping to get more people adding their addresses to the list, so
the publicity would be much appreciated!

I'll be mailing everyone on the list some time soon, so if you'd like me to
mention your "nostalgia corner" I'd be more than happy.

Best wishes,


Chris Boulter                           Admin, PSC email directory
list@psc.ac.uk                          http://list.psc.ac.uk/

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