09 July 2001

Glad to find this site

Hello All

Just about to visit Winchester for the first time in nearly 10 years, which prompted my search of the 'net to see if Peter Symonds had a web presence. (Last time I checked it did not).  Like many of the posters I can't seem to remember many names, or even when I left for sure, but I believe it was 1965.   If anyone remembers me I'd love to hear from you, and we can try and remember the good old days together.  I was thgere during the John Shields/John Ashurst era, and the opening of the new building (How well I seem to remember the gym in the original building becoming the cafeteria at lunch time).

I remember teachers like Woodhouse, and Colonel Hammond, and some one mentioned "Fluebrush"  Like them all I can remember is that nick-name!

My email address is nnich@openix.com   Any classmates who would like to get in touch are welcome. I now live with my wife and 13 yr old son in New Jersey USA I'd particularly like to get back in contact with my two good friends David Willins and Michael Trott.

Best wishes to all

Norm Nicholson


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  1. Hi Norm, It's 0520hrs, just a few minutes after you posted but I couldn't sleep so thought I would check the site. Pleased to welcome you as a member, hope that you find your friends. Please post more messages but I would be particularly happy to see any photographs that you have. The list has been very quiet lately. Any ideas on how to liven it up? regards, jim wishart, list mananger,


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