28 February 2002

School Holidays

Does anyone remember going on any holidays from PS? I went on 2, one to the Norfolk Broads and another to the Rhine Valley. Both in the late 60's. We had the inevitable falling overboard in Norfolk, which also saw one of the rowing boats, which were towed behind the cruisers, crushed between cruiser and riverbank. I also seem to remember an exploding tinned pudding - very spectacular in a small galley. Travel to the Broads was by the old army 3 tonner, the floor of which was covered in mattresses. More than one passenger could be seen hanging out the tail gate suffering the effects of travel sickness!
On the German trip we managed one drink in the hotel bar, before being caught and forced to find another establishment. The trip back was on what must have been the oldest boat available and the deck was a patchwork of colours made by the different school uniforms - it must have been a school special. There was also a large amount of sea sickness as it was a pretty rough crossing.


  1. Yes Steve, I certainly remember a trip to the Broads in the 60s.. Skippered by Jack Northeast who mistook me for a galley slave.. I must have done something to get under his skin that trip, can't imagine what, but spent the week on jankers. Swallows and Amazons it was not!
    Still, the pain reduces with age.
    Thanks for the memory.
    Peter Reeman.

  2. The only PSSW holiday I can remember was a week? trip to St Malo in 1949? We travelled from Southampton, and spent a week trying to make the locals understand our version of French. I remember taking five minutes trying to buy an icecream. It seems so long ago now. Does anyone else remember that trip?   John D Groves   

  3. I went to St Malo with school in 1952.   The trip was, I think, led by Mr Gladwell and Mr Laing.    The experiences in France were much as described for 1949 by John Groves.   I remember also throwing my prefects cap overboard in Southampton Harbour as by the time the trip started I had left school.   On the boat going over to France the passengers included a girls school from the North of England, who were also in holiday mood, and we all settled down -literally- on the floor of the ship's lounge to enjoy each others' company.   It was a good start to the holiday!   Peter Smith  

  4. Yes I too remember the Rhine trip - staying at St Gorshosen (or something like that) with the Kat and Mouse castles up on the hills either side of the town. The first night in Brussslls with Brick the one-balled woodwork teacher explaining that the bidet was for washing feet in - after which Steve Atkinson o/dosed on belgiun beer and chundered in it with the inevitable inquisition of "Whos vomit is that??" at breakfast the next morning. Also the first contact with condoms and their more practical use of being tied to the bath tap, filled with water and then lobbed from an upper storey hotel window onto passing cars. Also beating the local germans in a Munich cafe at table top bar football - well what did one expect after evenings spent in the Railway Tavern drinking halves of cider and playing bar billiards and footie having escaped the clutches of the boarding house on a sat night for an hour or so

    halcyon days ? definitley not but there were many bright moments in the darkness.

    Mark Stupar


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