20 February 2002

the old City Museum,

this is slightly off topic I know but,
does anyone remember the old Museum in Market Street, next to the Cathedral Grounds before it was 'improved'.
We used to pop in on the way back from Saturday morning pictures to wonder at the stuffed animals, birds fish and, and,.........
I remember the puffer fish and an alligator.
There was always a crowd in there, mostly children.
And then it changed.................
and not for the better in my estimation,
jim wishart  


  1. Jim   I do remember the old Museum in Market Street. John Waygood and I used to have a craze for cycle speedway. We built the bikes from parts we took from the corporation tip and to get there we went part way up Morestead Hill and crossed over on the right to the back of St. Catherines Hill, where the so-called Sewage Farm was. The track took us to the foot of the tip which we scaled like Sherpas. We were trespassing so were always nervous when we reached the top where a worker might see us. On one occasion I was first up and was paralysed with fright when confronted by a lion!   The museum had finally ditched the stuffed animals which must have been removed by the dustmen who had unceremoniously placed them on the tip.   Peter Churchill  

  2. Hello Peter, What a great story but I find it sad.  I suppose this is the essence of nostalgia? I knew John Waygood quite well.  We lived on the same road, Battery Hill.  I remember going to his birthday party when we were about 12 years old.  There were only four of us there, three boys and a girl.  They introduced me to a new game called 'postman's knock'.  It was far too exciting for me.   jim wishart    

  3. Hello Jim
    I have just seen this message & note you lived in Battery Hill,which
    number becauseI lived in Battery Hill also at No.89.Do not remember you perhaps
    you could jog my memory
    Brian Ward

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  4. hello Brian, I lived at number 58 and I am sorry but I don't remember you. We moved there in April 1948. Other friends living in the neighbourhood who you might know, were Terry, Alan and Sylvia Winkworth, Diane and Carol Haines, Mick Humberston, David? Rickman and Tony Judd although none of them went to Peter Pips.  I have lost touch with all of them. regards, Jim Wishart


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