19 May 2002

john lawford, new old boy

Hi everyone,
I occasionally trawl through the Friends Reunited Peter Pips site to see if I can interest anyone in this site.  Just had this from an old boy who may be joining when he can get sorted after a hospital visit.  Maybe there is someone out there who knows him,
Dear James
Thanks for the email, I am sorry to be so late in responding but I have just
come home after a short spell in hospital and I am not fully on line at the
I am very interested in the site and would like to join you and perhaps some
former friends. Unfortunately I am housebound and partially crippled by a
stroke so my activity as far as the site is concerned would be limited.  You
mentioned the interest shown by some of the older lads, well at 73 I guess I
qualify! I left Peter Symonds around 1946. I was a rather puny idiot with
ginger hair and a proven candidate for the Remove and Five 2 General.
If anyone remembers me I would be delighted to hear from them. Good luck
with the site and my best wishes to you.
Greetings Jim
I do hope you enjoyed your visit to the wild debauchery of the sinful south
coast and feel none the worse for it!
I would be delighted to be posted on the site if you don't think it would
completely mess up the whole thing but it certainly would be interesting to
know if I am remembered by any of the old gang or just a figment of my own
ageing imagination, you could mention that I was also one of the much
despised Eastleigh train boys.
Thanks for your very speedy reply to my earlier effort.
Very kindly yours


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  1. Hi John
    Asan Eastleigh train boy I say hullo, victim and perpetrator of pranks in the tunnel, and witness of at least two suicides on Winchester station, am loving this siter and wish I had discovered it earlier
    John Scott 1948-53
    Townsville Queensland OZ


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