15 May 2002

Recent Class Reunion Report

Well, Wayne Evans, Steve 'Chocky Hen' Collins, Phil Cork and David Singer all stuck to their word and reunited in Winchester on Saturday evening, 11th, May 2002. We were all in Class 3B,4B & 5B (74 to 76) and 3 continued on to sixth form until 78. This event happened as a direct result of this very website. We first e-mailed each other individually and Wayne organised things from there.
David came in from Stockholm (visiting family in Southampton), Phil from Oxford, Steve from Easleigh way and Wayne had to trek miles from Winchester.
We all appreciated that the gathering was informal and not large for a first one.We first hit a couple of pubs and then enjoyed some excellent Chinese food and some wine later. It all helped to make the chat relaxed and enjoyable. After over 25 years we needed it! We were a bit worried about having little to say to each other before meeting, but found that we all got on rather well. Surprisingly, we had little trouble admitting to our apparent faults, bad fashion sense and our difficulties when at school. We shared stories, updated each other about our jobs, families and home, our current views about education, etc but then time ran out too quickly.
We have decided to all meet again in about six months in another location, possibly to watch a game of footie at the Dell and then a pub and restaurant later. A couple of us may even manage to meet before then.
If anyone from those days would like to join us (you don't have to come to the match if you hate the sport of course), please do contact me by e-mail.   
David Singer

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  1. Hello David,   I was very interested to see your posting and very gratifyied too.  Glad the site has brought some people together.   I have been doing some visiting myself having met a friend who I last saw in 1940!  Christopher Townend who lived in Ripponden, the house in the outer playing field.  His family put my mother and me and my brother Peter up when we arrived as refugees from Jersey and Southampton in that year.   regards, jim wishart  


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