Wednesday, 11 December 2002

Merry Christmas, and other things!

Dear Nostalgia Corner member,

I’d like to wish you all a happy Christmas and invite you to visit the site if you haven’t done so lately. There has been a steady if slow stream of contributions from members and lately a new feature has been added, the obituaries of some of the masters -- George Pierce, John Cooksey, Harold Perkins and Paul Woodhouse, taken from a recent edition of ‘The Symondian’. I’d be pleased to have feedback on the new pages and if anyone has similar material to contribute then please feel free to add it.

I recently had an aneurysm repair operation which was wholly successful so I am able to be more active. Three cheers for the NHS. And here I would like to thank Chris Cooper for helping out and volunteering to co-manage the site.

Very best wishes,

Jim Wishart     

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