02 December 2002

Who was I?

Since I've just visited FriendsReunited, I'll take the opportunity to copy this plaintive little extract from my own biographical note there:
... I have a certain difficulty about remembering my own name. Or rather, which of my names I used at school. My full Christian names are 'Christopher Robin', about which I was reticent, for obvious reasons. In early life I was known as 'Robin'. At some point I switched to 'Chris', but I'm not sure exactly when - possibly in the sixth form, possibly when I left school. So I'm not sure under what name I'll be remembered by others from Peter Symonds. But then, I seem to recall that we mostly used surnames...
I wonder if that'll jog anyone's memory about me?
And I wonder if anyone else has the same weird  problem - not knowing what they were called?

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