23 December 2002

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a prosperous New Year.
And a special thanks to the site's Onlie Begetter, Jim, with wishes for a hale and hearty 2003.
(who's exchanging the flatlands of Bedfordshire for the equally flat Vale of York for Christmas and is nostalgic for the rolling hills of Hampshire)

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  1. Thanks Chris for the season's greetings and the kind words.  I'd like to wish all old Symondians the very best for Christmas and the new year as well.   I visited the Friends Reunited site today and yes they have some good photographs newly posted.  They seem clearer than on our site, I don't know why though.  I have added an index for the photos but it seemed a cumbersome way to do it and I might try to improve on it, after Christmas.   regards,   jim      


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