27 May 2007

400th anniversary dinner 13 October 2007

I'm forwarding the message below from Chris Haines. He addressed it specifically to the "1955-62 cohort" (it's a broad church - I'm '55-'63 personally ) - but I think it might be of interest to everyone out there who's thinking of attending 400th annivesary events.
Chris attached a booking form from the Old Symondians' Society (Mike Conlan), not reproduced here.
* If you're a 55-62 person, contact Chris Haines (details below) - he (and the rest of us) would like to hear about you anyway.
* If you're anyone at all who's intererested in 400th anniversary events and doesn't belong to OSS, contact Mike Conlan, email:  casamelara  "att"  aol.com
Chris (Cooper)
[From Chris Haines]
PSS 1955-62 cohort: 400th anniversary dinner 13 October 2007
Dear Friends,
You had advance notice of the 400th Anniversary Dinner, organised by the Old Symondians Society, to be held on 13 October 2007 in the Guildhall in Winchester. I do hope that you will make arrangements to attend this special occasion at which we hope to have 20-40 of the 1955-1962 cohort present.
If you are a member of OSS, then you will already have a copy of the attached form to book your place. Do send in the 짙10 deposit necessary to Mike Conlan and make sure that you note 1955-1962 cohort in the 'would like to sit by' space on the form.
If you are not a member of OSS, do not worry...Mike Conlan assures me that all are welcome, but just to make sure I have already sent in a deposits for 10 spaces...if, as a non-member of OSS, you would like to be included in these 10, then let me know as soon as possible ... the first 9 responses get the places...we can sort out payment details later.
Our two previous reunions at the farmers Club were most enjoyable affairs and I am sure that the October Dinner will another memorable occasion, especially if we can get a good turnout from our own cohort.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Very best wishes
Chris Haines
15 The Glade
West Wickham BR4 9LH
020 8777 6498


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