08 May 2007

How's sixth form at Peter Symonds?

 Dear all symonians,
I am a prospective student and would like to know much much more about Sixth Form, both Lower and Upper Sixth at Peter Symonds.
-how do you find extra-cirricular activities at school?
-how's the facility, food, teaching?
-are teachers willing to help and caring?
-do students get a good prospect after graduation?
-is it very hard to get accepted at Peter Symonds?
-how's boarding at Peter Symonds?
-will it be hard to find accommodation that is not too expensive close to the school? or is boarding more preferable?
sorry to bombard you all with so many questions...
phyLLis* =)

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  1. Hi  phyLLis* =)  [What a complicated sig! Had to use copy-&-paste!]   Sorry you haven't had any replies to this (my excuse is that I've only just seen your message - haven't checked in for a while).   You're not likely to get much info about current conditions at the College on this board - we've only got a few recent student members, and I'm not sure if there are any current ones at all. A lot of us are old geezers ...   I'm sure you've checked other sites - including the College site, and whatever forums there are for students.   Good luck,   Chris  


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