19 December 2000

Model Aircraft

I was at PS from 1959 - 62 if I remember correctly! We use to fly control line model aircraft on the playing field until the neighbours complained (we then flew with Winchester Model Aircraft Society on the Arbour until those neighbours complained!!). The only person I can remember was Peter Evans aka "Wong" (apparently because he once stowed away on an aircraft in an attempt to escape the rigours of School House and join his parents in Hong Kong) but there were others who used to build and run up engines in "the boot shed". I was a day boy living in Old Kennels Lane, I seem to remember a "very old" boy lived up at Olivers Battery who flew at school but it's all a bit vague - anyone else remember?
Mike Minty


  1. hi mike, this is the second time i have replied to your message, microsoft gobbled the first attempt up just as i finished it1 welcome to the club i too was interested in model aircraft, still am, have a half finished glider in the bedroom which my wife anne keeps reminding me about.   regards, jim wishart, norhtampton

  2. Sorry for this late reply Jim, I forgot to look for one to mine! I am still deeply into modelling and have just been back to Australia (home - though I am currently living in Connecticut for a few years) for a major race meeting and the National Champs, as a spectator this time. I think there was a "kid" called Berry Dracup who flew at school as well and there was someone who had a C/L model with a Yulon 29 motor - big one for those days. Mike

  3. Hi Mike
    Yes I used to fly with you - Peacemaker combat aircraft & an underpowered Spitfire. Someone also built a ME109 which we flew together.
    Actually I hitch-hiked to Tilbury docks & got on a boat bound for Hong Kong & a cabin boy befriended me & fed me. The boat wasn't leaving for a week so I thought I would go to Heath Row, but got caught by the police leaving the docks, then held for Headmaster John Shields to collect me. There was also Paul Lacey flew with us, but I have lost track of him. Peter Evans


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