18 December 2000

what was doc freeman's.................?

dor 10? ( a small black Wolesley?)
peter smith


  1. Jim Wishart's original question seems to have vanished into cyberspace.   It was:   What was Doc Freeman's car number?"   I have another question:-   What were Doc's two main themes when he did manage to spare the time to take "Docology" lessons (it was meant to be Divinity"!!) in the old Lecture  Room upstairs next to the main Chemistry Lab.  (Hint : they were not theological topics).     

  2. hi Peter, now that is a very interesting question. I often talk to friends and young relatives about Doc's lectures. As to the subject of them, I'm not sure how to categorise them. Maybe 'modern history' and 'biology'? There were underlying themes- things were getting worse in historical terms, Darwin's theory was being ignored by the new Education Act, and the influx of 'day bugs' was a bad thing. He did however talk about duty which tended to 'stick'. I don't think he ever got over the loss of comrades in the first world war. I suppose the biology was an indirect approach to sex education! Most if not all boys respected him I guess. jim    

  3. oh, and another thing, some of the messages disappeared when I decided to delete the quiz page. The system seemed to  be confused over that page because questions left on it also turned up on the ordinary message board,   jim

  4. jim, you're probably right.  We all have our own impressions of what 'Docology' was about.   My strong recollections of those fascinating hours spent in the lecture room with Doc are first, his frequent complaining about the 'nationalisation' of the school by the Labour Government of 1945-1951; and second, his stories of old boys (always unnamed) who came to him for help with getting jobs, but whom Doc was unable to help (so he said) because they hadn't worked hard enough at school.   peter


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