29 December 2000

new photo of school sign

great photo Mike,
that is you in the piccy?
I am intrigued by your trip from 'oz to brazil', what do you do?
and i am also intrigued by the photo albums that you have, any chance of posting more?
jim, left 1952

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  1. I really must look at the site more often! Sadly all my albums are in cardboard boxes in Oz and will be for the next 3 years. My life after PS was mainly in London but has been a bit of a travel saga since the late 70's. I emigrated to Oz with Xerox in 78, then went to Singapore with them in 80 for 3 years, back to Oz, left them and went to Hong Kong for 4 years in 86, then in and out of the Philippines for nearly 2 years before back to Oz where I ran my own business for 6 years. Early in 2000 we (wife's work) went to Rio for 6 mths before coming to Connecticut for 3 years (her work again!). We will return to Oz at the end of that time ..... most probably.  Mike


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