19 December 2000

what was eo's.................?

His Alsatian, I think.
I don't remember ever getting the benefit of that, but I once got a slice across the back of the knuckles with a steel ruler from EO. I bore the welt for weeks. Unfortunately, it didn't interfere with my writing ability, so I couldn't get off work.
No stress counselling, no child protection officers, no outcry, ... but no, I can't look back with nostalgia on that particular incident. Perhaps it went towards making me the man I am today - in which case, EO has a lot to answer for ....


  1. I have mixed memories of EO....    Lines for yawning  in class, " I must put my hand to my mouth when I yawn for Manners Maketh Man" (500 times) I fell for a few, so this is the last from me to you  EO Jones (with a great deal of respect).  Also the threat of  Saturday afternoon detention, I remember asking for the stick in lieu after a blanket form detention for noise, it was applied quite lightly.    Does anyone remember the Seafire parked by the old  canteen? What happened to it?   Other teachers remembered:-   GG Pearce Cissy Cass Jack? Northeast Perkins  ( his son was in the same form) Smith? Maths? Fergie. General Science     Nice to have found this site   Brings back memories   John D Groves  

  2. hi John, Ah, the dreaded lines, anyone who has not had the punishment can't imagine the pain. The Seafire, yes, I remember it and the disappointment that it wasn't a regular Spitfire. How about the glider launched with an elastic rope? It used to attain a height in flight of about ten feet as I remember. How about camp with the air cadets and flights in Tiger Moths, Ansons, Wellingtons and an air observation post Auster at Middle Wallop. Yes, all the masters you mention John, much respected, how about Oofy Priestland? Remember his Canterbury Tales, the Millers Thunderclap and the wife of Bath. Photos wanted please regards, jim wishart, list manager,

  3. this message was posted by michael rosen on bbc radio four list a few days ago. It is not connected with Peter Symonds but perhaps it will make EO's behaviour seem slightly less severe? What is it with Latin masters?   "My first Latin teacher was almost certainly a covert neo-Nazi who explained to a class of kids, made up in part of people who had lost relatives in the Holocaust, that, 'we should have been on the side of the Germans in the last war.' He was also about the twelfth best chess player in the country and punished yobbish, cheeky people like me by pulling my hair until my head was yanked right back, releasing the hair and in so doing striking my head as hard as he could with the knuckles of his closed fist. It was an upper cut move directed to the back of my head. As I was unbearable cheeky and yobbish for most of his lessons, the back of my head was regularly knuckled. That, or something like it, is what my son today calls a 'noogy'. Please note, any slang lexicographer reading."


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