27 August 2001

Dancing lessons with County High

One of the perks of being in the 6th Form was the occasional get together with the girls of  County High with the idea of learning to dance.  I seem to recall it was very popular, and got everyones hormones doing what they are supposed to do at 16 !  By the way I still can't dance !
Brian Gates

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  1. Hi Brian   Must be careful what I say as my wife is e-literate, and also ex-County High (although we did n't go to dancing lessons at the same time as she was several school years after me).   But one of the best things arising from the lessons was the walk to the bus or railway station afterwards with partners from the last dance, when both began to realise what we were each missing by going to single-sex schools!   The end-of-term dances at the Awdry Tea Rooms above WH Smith's were also another new experience, particularly as they were unchaperoned (unlike the evenings at the County High), and the landlords of the nearby hostelries did not appear to notice that many of the lads and lasses were below the legal age for alcoholic refreshments.   Happy days!   Regards   Peter Smith


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