26 August 2001

School Report

I have my 1949 School report in front of me -  The Masters just used initials, and some are not that legible, so you can probably help out
Eng Language/Lit = RHW - R H Watts ?
History                = RHW
Geography          = FHR - F H Robinson ?
Latin                   = EOJ - E O Jones he writes 'definitely on the downgrade' !!
French - can't decipher, but I don't think it was Cissy Cass
German - again can't decipher
Maths                = RS   - R Smith
Physics/Chemistry = WmCF = Wm C Ferguson
Art                       =  ABR = A Barron-Renton ??
I'll have a look at a few other years later on
Brian Gates


  1. Hi Brian, I think you recognised the initials correctly there. You prompted me to have a look at my old Reports and would submit the following as a contender for the worst ever set of Latin reports.   december 47, although he is behind the others I think he will do quite well, Paul Wodehouse. [well at least he saw some good in me!]
    july 48, very poor: has scarcely justified his promotion EOJ
    december 48, far from strong EOJ
    april 49, very-very-weak EOJ
    july 49, still too weak for my liking. More DETERMINATION would be a distinct asset. EOJ
    december 49, present standard is of no value whatsoever! EOJ
    march 50, again an uninspiring term. Get down to it! EOJ
    july 50, makes no apparent effort EOJ   As you can guess I didn't particularly like Latin.   regards, jim wishart, list manager

  2. message sent directly to the list manager but now posted by agreement.   Enjoyed reading your old Latin school report very much, brought back so many memories. Remember EO very well indeed, not adverse to giving the back of your hands a swipe with the edge of a ruler, very painful, would'nt be allowed today of course.Can't remember Paul Wodehouse so clearly, although name does ring a bell.   My Latin was as bad as yours if not worse,only took it it for the compulsory first year then dropped like a hot brick, most of my year did so, you were very brave to carry on with it.   Unable to find any of my old reports, must have got lost in the mist's of time, pity I bet they would make interesting reading, I was never the greatest scholar.   Do you remember that disgusting swimming pool we had, although we thought it great at the time.It was either fairly clean & freezing cold or when of a reasonable temperature like pea soup, no filtration, I remember the science teacher (name forgotten) ust pouring chemicals into it. Had many happy times in it though & passed my life saving there, very proud at the time.   Still have not found anyone from my year, still hoping, but neverless great to find someone who wasn't that far behind. Have been into the chat room a couple of times but so far never anyone else in it, but will try again, more time now, grandchildren gone back to their home in Dubai, not so many distractions. Enjoyed photo's very much, Enjoyed photo's very much,only wish I had some to add. Would like to chat with you again soon All the best & happy memories Brian [Ward]

  3. Just read your Latin report Jim,  Very similar to mine, although I once came 7th in an exam with an amazing 27% !!  The rest must have been away that day.....  I HATED Latin . Could explain all the lines I caught for yawning.! John Groves

  4. Hi jim I have all my school reports except one; why did Doc always print his name with a rubber stamp when making comments on individuals? I also see that EO Jones once said of me that my exam marks were poor, but he put me at the top of the class.   I wonder what he said of the rest of the class?  'Pa' Watts said of me one another occasion "thinks it clever not to do his best" !!! regards peter


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