15 August 2001

'Winter Sport'

Hello to all the older exx-pupils
Can anyone remember the winter of 1947, with the snow slide near the old squash court?
Many hours of sliding the width of the field on pieces of card board ( all we could find).

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  1. Hi John, It doesn't look as though there are many of us oldies around. Yes I remember the winter of '47 but not the slide near the squash courts. I remember it from the Sunday walks that we used to take as a family. The snow drifted very deeply alongside the Hockley Golf course entrance on the old Fareham/Portsmouth road. Sunday walking was a normal activity for many day bug families in those days. And then back home for a roast dinner, all together round the table and listening to Family Favourites. The strains of the Monty Python team come to mind "Walking on Sunday? You were lucky!!.........." regards, jim wishart, list manager  


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