12 August 2001

Early 80's veteran

Great to see there are still so many Symonds veterans out there!. I was at PSC from 1980 - 82, studied English Lit, Chemistry and Biology. I remember some great times, students like Sarah Pearce, Giles Croker, Kirsty Young and the like - any of you late-thirty-somethings still out there? What happened to Dr Salter, Prof Pankhurst, Bo Priestley, Mrs Baldry etc,etc.I remember wearing some dodgy gear to the renowned Biology Dept parties at the then Weeke Hotel, but thats life!Hope to hear from you soon - you may remember me as Tracy Horne; I'm now Tracy May, married with a son, living in Kings Worthy and working at the hospital as a Biomedical Scientist.


  1. Hi Tracy, Welcome to the list, I was beginning to think that it had dropped off the Web or something. Friends Reunited seems to be getting all the publicity. Sorry but I am too old an old stager to recognise any of the names that you mention. Thanks for the contribution, please dig out any old photos that you have and put them in the album. regards, jim wishart, list manager

  2. Not the promptest reply, I'm afraid, but I was also at PSC from 80-82, and also did the English thing. The names you mention ring bells, but not as loud as they should!   Another staff member I recall from the English dept. was Richard Staszynski (sp?), who I found one of the more inspiring people there. And, of course, the mad-bad-and-dangerous-to-know David Jones, king of the Drama Room until he upped sticks at the end of my first year...   And I seem to remember that we all wore dodgy gear back then. It was the early 80s, for heaven's sake!   Actually, I haven't been to Winchester since 1983 or so (which means my own dodgy gear may almost have been forgotten), but I was listening to a song on the Robyn Hichcock and the Egyptians album Element of Light in the car today called "Winchester", and it made me come over all nostalgic.


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