25 August 2001

welcome to a new member

Hi Brian,
Welcome to the club. I hope that you enjoy your stay. Please contribute if you feel like it. Photographs are particularly welcome.
I have started to try to recruit new members by writing to other clubs such as FriendsReunited and maybe Yahoo etc. You are the first member so recruited so maybe it is going to work.
best regards,
jim wishart, list manager.


  1. Welcome to two new members, Steve Drake and Quentin Thwaites, hope you enjoy your stay. Good photos Steve and a good idea to start a new album for groups. Do you have the names of the people portrayed?   best regards, jim wishart, list manager 

  2. welcome Kirsty, I didn't notice your joining, hope that you enjoy your stay. As you may notice I am having trouble with the Welcome page, will have to redo it, regards, jim wishart, list manager,

  3. welcome to new member Keith Kirby who sent this introductory letter. I am looking forward to seeing the photograph best regards, jim wishart, list manager,   From: KEITHK  
    I am very pleased to have found this community. My daughter, also an OS, added my name to the ex PSC site and I found names of old friends . Steve Drake and Rob Compton both pointed me in the direction of this site and here I am. All I need to be able to do is to download the photo I have scanned . I hope I will be successful in sending it from the office on Friday so watch this space !!

    Other than that a quick hello to all who may remember me from way back when.


  4. hi Twitch, Welcome to the list, I hope that you enjoy your stay. I think that you may have been in my year, I seem to remember the name? best regards,   jim  

  5.   Hello and welcome to Anna, aka little miss ditsey! I hope that you enjoy your stay.  Nice to see that you have filled in the membership details quite fully.  I think that helps to make the site more friendly. I hope that you get a good response regarding your boarding lodge quesiton. In 1940 I was living as an asylum seeker with my family in one room in Ripponden although that term wasn't used at that time, it was more 'displaced person'.  Ripponden is over the road from Kelso house. My cousin's family were living in Kelso, also as asylum seekers. My aunty worked as a cleaner there.  We had come over to England just before the German occupation of Jersey in the Channel Islands.   regards, jim    

  6. This message has been deleted due to termination of membership.


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