09 January 2007

400th anniversary of our founder

Just in case Mike's email didn't get to everyone, here it is--
From: Mike Conlan  (Original Message) Sent: 09/01/2007 11:35
2007 is the 400th anniversary of our founder and the Old Symondians Society, in combination with Peter Symonds College, are holding events throughout the year.
The two main events, both being held at the Winchester Guild Hall, are on the 23rd of June and the 13th of October.
If you are interested in attending or joining the Society then please contact me or visit our website.
Kind regards
Mike Conlan  Tel: 01793 849050
We are having trouble on the web site in that quite a few of the pages are not showing up. We hope that things get sorted out. If not we will have to start again with the Eulogys Obituaries and histories provided by various members over the years,
jim wishart

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